Issues in Public Relations in Nigeria – Emeka Oparah

Issues in Public Relations in Nigeria - Emeka Oparah

Two unrelated incidents conspired to compel me to eventually make this intervention, which I have been planning forever. One was a personal experience a professional colleague shared with me, recently-a story that touches the heart, in a manner of speaking. After a recent event, he lamented, his Managing Director received a Google Alert barely an hour after, showing a report of the event by an online publication generously illustrated with photographs, but rather than compliment his effort, the boss derided and dismissed the report saying he would rather it appeared “on the front page of the prominent national dailies than be hidden in an obscure publication online.” Wow!read

How is Marketing Doing in Nigeria these Days?

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A Report of Research Findings


George E Thorpe is the Director of Studies at Market Space, a provider of executive education recently accredited by ABE UK to deliver tuition for its Marketing Management Diploma programs in Nigeria. George with over 30 years of marketing and management experience at local and international levels has interest in a number of marketing support service firms in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. His area of research interest is on how to improve the knowledge and practice of marketing and entrepreneurship at a time when these careers will come to the fore of business and industrial development in Africa’s largest economyread

Public Relations: The Profession That Is Accepted But Not Understood #PRisDead

Public Relations: The Profession That Is Accepted But Not Understood #PRisDead

In the 1989 edition of Introduction to Public Relations, Sam Black, former secretary general of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), stated:

“Public Relations has become generally accepted as an important element of business, government and all aspects of everyday life. Accepted does not necessarily mean understood.” read

Poem: Now That PR Is Dead

Now that PR is dead.
Witnessed the demise, untimely passing of a once powerful practice
Lost her dazzle, dulled by impotent strategies and tactics

Saw bullets fly, but can’t tell the identity of her killer

Bang! Bang! Bang! Did technology pull the trigger?
Questions pile, whispers of whodunnit? Who to blame?
Who held PR captive, as the world around continued to change.
So wise men gathered from far and wide to mourn the departed
At the Black House, in black garbs, sombre faces of the broken-hearted
So, who is to say that these ones never loved their mother?
When she lived, wasn’t she the one that fed their mothers?
Then again, they failed. To care for her when she was feeble and frail
Ignored by the audience, like gist that is old and stale
Till a Millennial army of voices came swarming down social channels
And the consumer, stole power, blowing out Old Media’s candles.
Who killed PR? We may never truly know.
But the way to go, the wise men have begun to show:
Social convos, content marketing, storytelling, tech and data,
Creative forces of today, cutting edges in the future like laser.


The Future of PR: How Social Media Is Disrupting An Industry And What Practitioners Must Do Now

Anita Aiyudu (@anitaaiyudu), Lateefah Adesanya (@that1960chick) and Tosin Ajibade (@olorisupergal) at the Service of Songs for #PR. #PrisDead


Power has shifted from the hands of media companies and PR professionals to that of the consumer.

In 2014, BlackHouse Media recorded over a billion social media impressions from different campaigns. In the same year, the company introduced Nigeria’s first mobile application for the media and public relations industry. Figures and facts such as these have become important parameters of growth today in the media and public relations industry.

Inside Nigeria’s PR Industry of Brown Envelopes, Press Releases and Quacks



Honoraria. Flava. Keske. T-fare. Brown Envelope.

These are just some of the code names by which cash exchange for editorial coverage is known in Nigeria.

In a country where there are over 50 newspapers and magazines on the newsstands, hundreds of radio and TV stations, and an ocean of blogs and websites, it is no surprise that the media environment is industrious.

War Against Public Relations



Chido Nwakamah was still president of Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN) when we sat in my office at BlackHouse Media in 2014.

Perception and Reception of Public Relations Versus Advertising in Nigeria


A 2015 research by BHM Media & Intelligence Unit

  1. The Difference Between Public Relations and Advertising

Public Relations, on the one hand, helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an organization (or brand) and its publics. It involves the management of problems or issues; helps management to keep informed on and responsive to public opinion; defines and emphasizes the responsibility of management to serve the public interest, and helps management to keep abreast of, and effectively utilize change.

What People Think PR Is

We asked consumers from all works of life what PR is.
What we found is far from what PR actually is.

Join the conversation using #PRisDead.

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