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Issues in Public Relations in Nigeria – Emeka Oparah

Issues in Public Relations in Nigeria - Emeka Oparah

Two unrelated incidents conspired to compel me to eventually make this intervention, which I have been planning forever. One was a personal experience a professional colleague shared with me, recently-a story that touches the heart, in a manner of speaking. After a recent event, he lamented, his Managing Director received a Google Alert barely an hour after, showing a report of the event by an online publication generously illustrated with photographs, but rather than compliment his effort, the boss derided and dismissed the report saying he would rather it appeared “on the front page of the prominent national dailies than be hidden in an obscure publication online.” Wow!read

How is Marketing Doing in Nigeria these Days?

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A Report of Research Findings


George E Thorpe is the Director of Studies at Market Space, a provider of executive education recently accredited by ABE UK to deliver tuition for its Marketing Management Diploma programs in Nigeria. George with over 30 years of marketing and management experience at local and international levels has interest in a number of marketing support service firms in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. His area of research interest is on how to improve the knowledge and practice of marketing and entrepreneurship at a time when these careers will come to the fore of business and industrial development in Africa’s largest economyread

Public Relations: The Profession That Is Accepted But Not Understood #PRisDead

Public Relations: The Profession That Is Accepted But Not Understood #PRisDead

In the 1989 edition of Introduction to Public Relations, Sam Black, former secretary general of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), stated:

“Public Relations has become generally accepted as an important element of business, government and all aspects of everyday life. Accepted does not necessarily mean understood.” read

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